Charly Boy Claims Deji Adeyanju Wants Part of The 9Figures He Received (Video)

Charly Boy has stated that Deji Adeyanju only wanted a share of the 9-figures he received, which is why he decided to leak the audio of a conversation between the both of them.

Charly Boy says Deji Adeyanju wanted part of the 9-figures he received (Video)

In the audio, Charly Boy could be heard admitting to receiving money from the same government their ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement was challenging.

According to Deji Adeyanju, all of that happened while he was locked up for 78 days. When he came out of detention, he had to resign upon hearing the actions done by his former colleague whom they held different protest together against the government.

Below is a video in which Charly Bo.y revealed why Deji Adeyanju acted the way he did with the leaked audio